This is a little nook, a little cove, a little place where one can breathe and look through the window into an artist’s heart.  I’ve created this site to share vignettes, little windows into the big picture.  It’s my hope that you see more of the big picture, the One who is the Master Artist, the One who paints upon my heart so that I can share here with you, the One whose given all good gifts in every season both winter and summer. May you be blessed.

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About the artist

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life as daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I’ve always had a love for the outdoors, the little details and small windows into what God’s created.  And so… “vignettes” was born.

It took the deeply tragic and a terrible loss to open my heart and eyes to the world’s Creator and the name he’d always called me by. He whispered His name in the midst of my grief, and showed me how to see again those tiny windows, those vignettes of His love and grace and beauty. He wrote stories on my heart and painted pictures upon my soul. Through each step a desire to share was born.

One year ago, in that transition from the winter to springtime of my grief, a season that sings of newness and birth from the grey and brown of winter’s death, I was told I was an artist.  And that day… I knew spring.  A touch of winter had entered my soul, when my beloved husband of 20 years passed away after a short battle with cancer.  God sent the voice of an artist to tend a winter ravaged garden, someone familiar with winter’s bite and chill, someone He whispered “artist” to already… who knew the language well and who whispered that same word to me.

As I sat in the early morning yellow light, and saw the sunshine’s beams cut through the fog, I felt God’s touch upon my heart.  I sat at a big family table… in a home that also knew the loss of a beloved husband.  Jesus arms were surrounding me and I saw my gift.  At that old brown table I knew the name Jesus was calling me by all my life… and I finally heard it… “artist.”  I heard Jesus voice through the sisters He’d blessed me with… both near and far.  One year ago, in a home that wasn’t mine, that word echoed off every wall, was seen in every window and spoken in every conversation. Spring bloomed and transformed winter, it found butterfly wings and beauty in the ashes of mourning.

This sight was created to share those glimpses into the window, give you “vignettes” through the seasons of an artist.  As the new leader of my home and single mom, a role I never chose, I am seeking outlets to care for my family. It is my hope that this sight will open doors and windows to do that and still use the gifts and name God’s given me. To be the artist God wants me to be.

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